Turn Your Hobby Into Big Bucks


What’s your hobby?

Jewelry making? Ceramics? Do you enjoy a quiet afternoon with your art supplies, next to a beautiful lake or a park, painting lovely landscapes or seascapes? How about needlework like knitting or crocheting? I bet these are the things you do to relax after a hard day of working at your job, or on the weekend after a tough week at work. Nothing better, right?  What would you think of making your hobby into your job? Well, we’re here to tell you how to do just that.

You know it’s possible, you’ve seen other people do it. Now it’s your turn! You know they say, “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”. People love to get handmade gifts. You have probably already given many of your craft items friends or family.



This course is jam pack with 16 modules that will show you exactly step-by-step. Here are just some of the modules you will get:

1 – Are You Ready: Learn what is involved to be a full-time artist. In this module, you’ll take a look at “a day in the life of a full-time artist”.

2 – Pricing Your Artwork: Know what your craft is worth and what to charge your customers.

3 – Creating Artwork Quicker: Learn the strategies and shortcuts of the professionals.

4 – Easy Market Research: Discover who are your customers and how you will reach out to them.

5 – Selling To Family and Friends: These are your first circle of customers, people who know your work and your talent.

6 – Selling Through Social Media: Research which Social Media is right for your products and how to use them for the most coverage.

7 – Selling On Your Own Website: Everyone has their own website. See how easy it is to build your own and to sell your products directly from it.

8 – Selling Online: This module will teach you about 3rd party websites that will sell your products for you.

And this is only half of what you will receive!!!