The Wine Drinker’s Diet




Can you think of anything better that goes with food than wine? I know, I certainly can’t. However, if you happen to be on a diet, alcohol is probably one of the first things that you took off of your allowable list. Which is such a shame. To be able to stay on a diet, you NEED to look forward to a meal.

Pete Bruckshaw thought so also. However, he and his whole family struggled with weight issues. He is from the UK and moved to Belgium when he was in his 40’s. AHH, Belgium! The food lover’s land. Good food, rich creamy chocolates and best of all some of the finest beers in the world. Needless to say, this was probably not a good place for Pete to be, and he knew it.

So, Pete decided to go on a low-fat diet. This meant the constant calorie counting, and eating and drinking less and less till he felt he was starving. What’s a man to do? One burger couldn’t hurt, right? He’d been good this week. What goes better with a burger, than a beer…or two? I’m sure you can guess what happened then. The weight was piling on again.  Pete was frustrated, guilty and most of all angry with himself.

However, his doctor told him, in no uncertain terms, he either got the weight off, or he would be heading for an early grave. No one can hear those words without truly getting frightened. So Pete took the doctor’s words to heart, and also the doctor’s suggestions. Which were a low-carb diet and a little light exercise.

Now, this was a diet Pete could live with. He eliminated all the starch food and beer. He began to get excited each time he got on a scale. The pounds were dropping off, but he really missed having a glass of wine with his meals. So he experimented with having a glass of wine before, during and after his evening meal.


The Results With Drinking The Wine Were Amazing!

The wine actually seemed to be helping his diet work. The weight was still coming off. Now that he has discovered the perfect combination of low carbs and moderate use of wine, he wants to share with everyone. With this book, Pete will explain the three levels that make The Wine Drinker’s Diet work.

If you love food and you love wine, this is the diet you have been waiting for.

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