Mountain Directory: A Guide For Big Rigs

Mountain Directory

Introducing the Mountain Directory Ebooks!

Since 1993 Mountain Directory has had the information needed to drive mountain roads. Big rig drivers know the importance of being aware of the steep grades and mountain passes. This is how they accomplish completing a journey safely. The printed version of the directory contains almost 240 pages. However, now you can download all this important information onto your favorite device.

Here are some of the reviews given Mountain Directory:

Humorists sometimes use G-forces to describe the speed rather than miles per hour for a runaway rig. However, the reality of brake failure in the mountains, as those who have experienced it will attest, is not the least bit funny. For the RVer tackling the Rockies and other western ranges, this directory is an invaluable reference.” RV Times

Mountain Directory is well put together, easy to use, and prepares the user for driving in the mountains. There are 2 books you can choose from. A separate one for the East as well as the West.

“RVers often have problems with mountain grades–both going up and coming down. It’s helpful to be warned when a steep grade is coming up, and that’s just what the two  Mountain Directories do.” Coast to Coast

“The worst part isn’t the white knuckles, the cold sweat, the unbelievable adrenaline rush. It’s the emptiness in the very pit of the stomach, the utter hopelessness of the situation. Anyone who has ever lived through a runaway can relate. A rig out of control on a long downgrade has a mind of its own. And it doesn’t care what gets in the way. Miller’s directories are full of good stuff that’ll help drivers make smart routing decisions and prepare them for dangerous grades – like length and severity of grades, the sharpness of curves and location of escape ramps. It’s invaluable info for rookie drivers or old hands traveling into a mountainous area for the first time.” Andrew Ryder, Editor, Heavy Duty Trucking

So don’t let yourself get caught in a bad situation driving your rig on a mountain road when Mountain Directory is here to help.


Travel with safety – safety from knowledge and information about navigating through the Mountain Grades and Terrain.