Learn to Belly Dance at Home


Have you ever thought about learning to Belly Dance, but didn’t think you could ever do it? You may have felt self-conscious going to a studio class, not to even mention the expense of taking the course. Perhaps your schedule just wouldn’t allow you the time to go. However, you still would like to be able to move with all the grace and confidence you have seen of other professional belly dancers. Stop dreaming about doing it and just DO IT!

Now you can learn all the belly dancing moves of the professionals. All in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule, also best of all, at an amazing price you just won’t believe! You will love this course, simply because it is fun, easy and fast to learn.

Just take a peak some of the fantastic moves you’ll be able learn and be excited to do every day with this course:

  • Rhythmic Hip and Rotation
  • Shimmy, Shiver and Twists
  • Figure Eights and Pelvic Tilts
  • Undulations and Torso Rotations
  • Combining Fluid Hipwork and Upper Body Accents
  • Combining Footwork with Hipwork
  • Challenging Fluid Movements
  • And So Much More


Here’s what you will get with this fast, fun and easy belly dancing course:

  1. Over 50 Videos (8 hours) of dancing Moves, Combination, Layers & Techniques
  2. Fun, Engaging, Step By Step and Easy to Follow Video Instructions
  3. Three Different Experienced Teachers and also Five Dance Styles
  4. Excellent Course for Both Beginners and Advanced Dancers
  5. Innovative Fast-Track Method & Award Winning Production
  6. Includes a Great Selection of Belly Dance Music & Rhythms
  7. Instant Access to Videos

**Bonus: You will also receive 1 year of one-on-one private coaching!!

You can see how fast an easy this course is, because Mariella gives you instant sample videos to try right away.

Methods of Watching

Choose your own way to watch the videos:

  1. Download to your computer files to keep so you’ll always have them to re-watch
  2. Stream the video lessons immediately via a members area
  3. You can also get the videos on DVD

What Customers Are Saying

” Multiple Angles So You Miss Nothing! “

“ I love this DVD course. She starts slow with easy movements and speeds up as the DVD goes on, the movements getting more advanced. There is a dance section with clear instructions.

I have purchased other instructional belly dancing videos and had a hard time seeing the dancers movements. The instructions have multiple camera angles so you miss nothing! I have also been to one of her workshops and Mariella is just as amazing in person as on the video. 

– Janie Mcginnis
Salina, KS

“One of Those Courses That Makes A Difference, FAST and Permanently… “

“ I really appreciated the focus on form and technique, which is really what takes belly dance to the next level.

I’ve only had this for a couple weeks but I’m hooked and I know I will come back to it over and over again for its focus on the fundamentals, the advanced muscle control practice and instruction, and her graceful style. It’s one of those courses that makes a difference fast and permanently. 

– Shelia Delarosa
Ontario, Canada

“Enjoyable Simply Because It Is Easy… “

 Mariella is really good at teaching all the techniques. I love that she does a step by step lesson of all the movements and most of all that she takes the time to make sure your doing it right, by telling you how not to do it.

It is so enjoyable simply because it is easy and it will have you dancing right away! Since most beginners are eager to start dancing, this is a fun way to enter into the world of belly dance.

– Doreen Reyna
KZN, South Africa