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Child Custody

There is no doubt, Child Custody must be the number one concern when a couple decides to get a divorce. You can divide your assets, such as your home, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, even the family photos. However, it’s not so easy when it comes to your children. Consequently, there are so many decisions to be made. Above all, the end results are that you can be fair without sacrificing anyone’s happiness. For instance, how old does a child need to be able to make their own choices? Also, do you know how to write a parenting plan? Not to mention, how to choose the right lawyer.

How do you do what is right for the children?

Of course, you want to do everything you can to spare your children the stress and hurt they may be feeling. However, just how do you do that? Many parents cannot even face this type of conflict. So rather than getting a divorce, they end up staying married “for the sake of the children”. However, this may not be the right thing to do for them or you. If only there was a place to go to get all the information you will need to make the right decisions for everyone involved with a divorce. Well, now there is. Introducing:

Child Custody

Every publication you will ever need is right here in

Here you will find a publication for every situation. Such as:

  • Child Custody State Laws
  • At What Age Can A Child Choose
  • Getting Through The Gut-Wrenching Custody Process-And Keeping Your Kids (There is a version for both men and women)
  • FATHERS: Defending Your Child’s Custody Rights
  • MOTHERS: Defending Your Child’s Custody Rights
  • Fathers Going to Custody Court
  • Mothers Going to Custody Court
  • Everything You Need to Modify Your Custody & Visitation Plan Yourself
  • Child Custody On A Budget: Handling Your Child Custody Case With Limited Financial Resources
  • The Importance Of Adultery In A Current Custody & Visitation Decisions
  • 25 Key Strategies To Help Your Custody Case
  • Everything You Need To Know About Child Custody Evaluations
  • Grandparents’ Rights Manual
  • Grandparents’ Asserting Their Rights In Custody Court

And there are still many more valuable publications for you to download. Additionally, Drs. Brick and Elliot give you a freep in communicating your case, and also significantly help your case.

About the Authors


Child Custody

Dr. Bricklin is a psychologist in private practice. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Widener University and has previously served on the faculty of Jefferson University and of Hahnneman University. He has served as a consultant in psychology to the Walter Reed Army Hospital Research Center, to the United States Army, to the New York Academy of Medicine, and Columbia Broadcasting System.

Dr. Elliot is Head, Child Development and Family Processes Research, Bricklin Associates, the Vice Chair of the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators and a psychologist in private practice. She has served as a consultant to public and private schools and coordinated multidisciplinary treatment plans. She was responsible for devising for Bricklin Associates an information-processing oriented educational therapy technique and a comprehensive college entrance service for children with serious motivational problems.

There are many items to consider as you prepare to get involved, or re-involved, in any custody dispute. The Child Custody List, which is included free on this site, will help you better organize these items. It has been prepared using all of the training and experience of our 35 years in the field as Custody Evaluators, Expert Witnesses, Authors, and Consultants in Custody Cases all over the United States.