Confessions of a Shopaholic

Who doesn’t love to shop? It’s so much fun! Mention going to the Mall, shopping in town, town centers, market places, and my very favorite…Outlets, I’m there, keys in hand, ready to go. Now with “Online Shopping”, I’m in heaven. Let’s face it, you can shop day or night, anyplace, anywhere. You don’t even have to leave your bed if you don’t want to and shop in your pj’s.

Now, this may sound like I’m not a discriminating shopper. No, no, no my friend, not so. I WANT BARGAINS!! REAL FINDS! I WANT UNIQUENESS! I often just wander around the Internet and find sites I never even thought I was looking for. However, they draw me in with clever items and fantastic deals. And not only do I browse for myself, but also friends and family.

That’s why I’m creating this site. I want to share my finds with you! So I’ve put together a wide variety of interesting sites.

Like to take pictures? Then check out: Trick Photography and Special Effects. Evan Shaboneau will show you how to take amazing pictures as the professionals do. And you don’t even need the expense of PhotoShop.

Love to travel, but hate the high cost of airfares? Travel anywhere at amazing airfare discounts. Go to: The Ultimate Guide to Tavel Hacking Cheap Flights.

Are you tired of eating tasteless diet foods, and trying to find the time and energy to cook another meal for your family? Time to boost your metabolism with delicious foods your whole family will love. Visit: Metabolic Cooking – The Diet Answer. 

Speaking of dieting. Can’t get rid of that belly, no matter how much you diet and exercise you do. Then you have to try: Fat Belly Fix. Solve that problem by having a delicious cup of tea, (tastes like cinnamon), You can make in your own kitchen with ingredients you may already have.

Got a hobby you enjoy? Have you ever thought about selling your handmade masterpieces? Then you’ll need to check out: Turn Your Hobby into Big Bucks.

And of course, my favorite: LuxuryLuxury Wholesale Online. Here you will find Gucci, Michael Kors, Dulce & Gabbana and many more designer names for fantastic prices. Sometimes as much as 70% to 90% discounts. (Count me in!!.)